18 August, 2016

Scratch 1 4 torrent download

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Scratch 1 4

A scratch is a tool for science and education to children to help them learn the important issues related to languages ​​programovania.Poprzez encouraging algorithmic thinking in its users, scratching you to design characters that can play, sing and interact with others, among other activities tidy. Scratch is primarily a graphical programming language in which the coding is much easier than in traditional programming languages. Creating scenario involves snapping together graphical blocks in such a way that you can put together układanke.Ponadto, you can create images that move and choose an animated response to mouse movements. Adding music or other sound effects as possible and are also relatively simple. While Scratch does not take the home, it’s more because there are so many different possibilities in it than any difficulty programu.Po completion of the project, at the beginning, you can share it on the Scratch website. You can also put your design on other sites, such as Facebook.Scratch is a great way to encourage children to think critically and unique programs on your computer.

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